A Grim Look at How Times Change

Times Change

Well at least grim is the perception I have of these pictures.   The New Yorker is about as old school as it gets and I think it’s funny they had that old family picture up in 2006.   But let’s try analyzing this shall we?

I’m hip to the modern world.  I get where we are moving.  I understand that the world is faster, online, and less personal.  Hell I write a blog and do online advertising sales for a living.  But sometimes you do stop back and look at life and how it used to be.  I do remember times where dinner was in fact dinner.

It was a time to interact with people.  You know, people?  Those things you talk to and if lucky get the pleasure of having sex with?  I for one do get annoyed at the fact that we barely speak and interact like we used to.  It’s all through screens and machinery these days.  And these two pictures are exemplary of that sentiment.

Who knows…. the bottom picture will be obsolete in about 5 years because that dinner table is just going to be 10 people at their computers talking through Skype while TV’s are on in the background.   The world moves fast but it doesn’t come without its negatives.

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  1. Yeah, what you say is true! On the other hand I think the impact on peoples livetime is a bit smaller than it seems, because the computer combines things on a single place which were just seperated before (news, television, work, writing letters…).

    Btw. I saw a really cool Ted-Talk two months ago which gives some hope concerning the possible “people in a box” future:


  2. It’s too easy to get distracted by miscellaneous crap, like blogs (no offense, I need a daily humor injection). Most of my older (high school, college) friends do most of their communication through email, texting, Facebook. No more sense of of the humanity I used to get when actually talking to them, or forbid, going out for a beer and wings.

    It’s sad in a sense. At least I still have a family to talk to face to face everyday.

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