Time to Stop for a Minute and Grasp Just How Well Avatar is Doing


So I know that an hour ago, I was making fun of Avatar‘s plot which has apparently been completely stolen from Pocahontas, but jokes aside, this movie is just destroying at the box office, and I’m not sure if many people realize that, because the movie opened with a relatively week $78M. I mean, New Moon made double that it’s first weekend, right?

Well, the story is the following two weekends, where the film made $75M and $68M respectively, the latter number being the best third weekend for a movie EVER. Another film you might have heard of did something similar, where it started out slow, but through fantastic word of mouth kept momentum up to be the highest grossing movie ever made. And now? James Cameron is on track to have at LEAST the second highest grossing movie ever worldwide.

The film currently sits at a worldwide haul of 1.018B, which just surpassed The Dark Knight‘s 1.001B. The only three movie ahead of it are Dead Man’s Chest (1.066B), Return of the King (1.119B) and Titanic (1.842B). If you don’t think that Avatar won’t make 100M worldwide by next weekend, you’re sorely mistaken. Titanic itself is still a world away, but honestly, I can’t believe just how much this film has caught fire with the general moviegoing public who long berated the film when they saw it’s trailers. I guess there’s nothing the power of word of mouth can’t overcome, and nearly everyone I know who has seen it can’t stop raving about it.

Once again, James Cameron is the king of the world. Let’s just hope he doesn’t think his term is 12 years this time.

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  1. Avatar has a lot of texture and warmth. Watching it is really like sitting through a nearly 3 hour viewing of a work of art. For the action junkies, they may pass out.

    Frankly, that’s how Titanic made so much money as well. Cameron spends so much detail on the movie it really feels like it has a life of it’s own. Even though I didn’t like the recycled plot of Titanic, I can’t deny marveling at the movie itself.

    So, this is no surprise to me. After a year and the BluRay disks sell…I bet the total worldwide gross will top 2billion.

    To all of the incensed detractors out there. Make snide remarks ALL DAY LONG. Cameron is RICH B**CH!

  2. ok, next time cameron makes a movie, he needs a TEAM OF PROFESSIONAL writers to write his script instead of recycling Disney movies for adults.

    Yes, it’s me again, and yes, I will continue to hate on this movie until post Avatar hype dies. and @ FrankenPC, the action was mediocre. If I wanted to watch over-the-top action, I would have sticked with Die Hard or Transformers.

  3. @Lagrange: The extra money (not including true IMAX theater screenings, not sure how they work) goes toward paying for the glasses. The glasses, I read, can cost upwards of $150 a piece for the theater, not exactly cheap. That is why they ask you to recycle the glasses and not keep them; they are losing a crapton if you do.

  4. I’d like to discuss, as I’ve just seen Avatar some hours ago and really enjoyed it, even being a film student. However, it’s almost 3 am and am much too tired.

    There’s my $.015

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