This Always Happens to Me

Except it’s me doing it, not my non-existent brother. Fallout, is of course, in the DVD case for Minority Report. Obviously.

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  1. YEa most of my games are in the right cases. The only time i do this is when I have a steady rotation of games I play ie Madden, Battlefield: BC 2, and *insert title here*.

  2. Ugh, my ex-girlfriend always used to do that. I don’t even want to mention how many arguments we got in over that. She also liked to store dvds between the pages of books, because that makes sense. Or on her bed. I had to stop lending her stuff, because it always got scratched, which meant that selling it was a pain.

  3. i hate when my brother and sisters used to do this, i end up going through all the games just to find the 1 i want and putting the correct games back, only to find them mixed the next week

  4. Sorry, can’t relate. Haven’t used a disk in years. and why would I keep it in a case? Disks are for archives or are disposable (AOL discs that used to come in the mail every week). Too young for that one? How about that shiny disk thingy that used to go in that box hooked to the TV. I think movies and music used to play on them. They used to get scratched all the time. Well, that was 15 years ago, when less than 25% of people had cell phones. Disks are dying, and will be dead as soon as we allow them to die.

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