Thirteen Child Prodigies to Watch


I don’t know what it is about child prodigies, but there’s just something undeniably cool about seeing a kid do something that they shouldn’t be able to physically do.

These thirteen kids are masters of their respective fields despite not even hitting puberty yet. I’m willing to bet at least half of these kids will be household names when they’re grown, so watch these videos so you can say you knew about them first.

The Athletes:



I would be impressed if this kid was 12, but he’s SIX. That’s disgusting, I still can’t pull off a few of these moves and I’ve been playing soccer for 18 years. Can anyone give me a name? I know he’s French.



This kid’s name is Cody Lane, and he’s hyped to be the next Reggie Bush. I don’t know how old he is, but he doesn’t look very big.



Sure Tayshaun Augusto is 11 (older than a lot of the kids on this list), but his coordination is off the charts. Oh also, he can run a mile faster than any eleven year old ever.



I’d say this kid is what, eight? There’s probably not a whole lot of glory in being a sick pro pool player (as opposed to the last three sports), but this kid’s trick shots are out of control.



I’ve been following Liam Hoekstra practically since birth his story is so amazing. He was born with a ridiculously rare genetic condition that essentially doubles his muscle mass with no discernable negative side effects. Here’s what it looks like on a full grown Whippet.  The kid just turned three so his strength is finally being able to be measured. He tests about 3 to 4 times greater than other kids his age. I highly recommend watching the whole documentary.



I just put this up here to show you that you should seriously keep an eye on some of these other kids.

The Artists:



This girl is six and can already compose her own music.



Maybe not a prodigy per se, but it’s the video that inspired this post.



I bet a lot of you have seen this clip from Britain’s Got Talent, but little Connie is always worth another look.



There were a bunch of kid drummers to choose from, but I choose this five year old because he’s awesome in a lot of ways.



You would think a seven year-old’s hands just wouldn’t be big enough for the guitar, but this kid found a way.



Yeah it’s paiting, it’s boring, but you’ve got to respect this kid’s talent.



I wasn’t sure whether to put this in “Athletes” or “Artists.” DDR mastery is a skill all its own.


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