“There’s No Signal!”


This is a rather hilarious fan-made video compiling practically every instance of the biggest cliche of the modern horror era, “There’s no signal.” As we know, a simple cell phone call probably could have saved 90% of the lives in these slasher movies, but thankfully they all take place in our country’s four remaining dead zones. Or they all have AT&T.

I was astonished by the sheer number of movies this has happened in, I mean I was expecting a lot, but this video is five minutes long with each clip only a few seconds. For once I just want to see a horror movie where the killer bursts in, a cell phone works, and the police actually come and take the guy away in handcuffs. It would probably be the world’s shortest horror film, but it would save me from an extra hour and a half of stupidity.

This actually isn’t my least favorite horror movie cliche. That would be hitting the bad guy once, knocking him to the ground, then RUNNING AWAY instead of bashing his head in to make sure he’s dead. EVERY TIME.

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  1. I like screaming toward the sky as the camera pans away, walking away from an explosion without looking back, and best of all, “riding” an explosion by a timely jump.

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