The World of Deus Ex is Coming to Life


I’m currently still playing Deus Ex, as it’s the longest non open world single player game I’ve played in years, and I’m thoroughly engaged with it through and through. No, not because of the rather confusing plot or sort of terrible voice acting or even the stealth assassination. The WORLD the game has created is just incredible, and it just feels like one of the most plausible visions of the future I’ve seen across any form of media.

There’s a reason for that, it’s because a lot of the technological developments in the game are already happening now. This documentary put on by the Deus Ex team examines bionic body parts and how they’re used to help people and make them stronger and more capable in everyday life. It’s a really fascinating look at the incredible tech and the courage of those who use it.

We’re not crafting killing machine super soldiers yet, and in no way do I believe we’ll get to the world of Deus Ex by 2027. But 2050? 2070? I can easily see that being the case. Just in time for me to replace all my old man body parts with fresh multi-functional mechanical ones.

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