The Unseen Side of Being a Trooper

You think that enlisting in the Empire and being a Stormtrooper is all fun and games? That you just roam around the Death Star, accidentally smacking your head on things? Well you’re wrong!

You haven’t been there where they send you to a world where the atmosphere is more ash than air. You’ve never seen your buddy’s head get cleaved clean off by a lightsaber. You’ve never had to bury him with your bare hands and go home and tell his wife and kids that he was killed by a surprisingly agile two foot tall green man! You know nothing!

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  1. Time for a gritty Star Wars reboot! Starring stormtroopers!
    Oooooor just play Republic Commando and shed a manly tear when Sev ends up M.I.A. and is never heard from again.

  2. I know, Paul. I would love it too, especially if it concentrated on Storm or clone troopers.
    How about this:
    Full Metal Jacket, or maybe Jarhead, but with troopers. Sounds awesome.

  3. My favourite SW game is “SW : Battlefront 2”.
    501st Legion – ‘Vader’s Fist’, I’d love to see a movie about them, or even some animated stuff.

  4. Fighting in any war that is not of your agenda isn’t a war you should be fighting in. If you do, you are just a pawn in the hands of the puppet-master making his goal come true.

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