The Top 10 Educational Games and Platforms Online

The key purpose of any teacher is to spark the interest of students in his subject, make his lessons interesting and gnostical! Cut-and-dried lessons with too boring structure won’t engage students in the subjects but what should instructors do in this case? The best way out is the use of educational games.

The principal mission of our review is to pick up the best 10 games which will permit teachers to establish good relations with students and enhance their productivity.


This portal is a gold-mine of information you can use on your lessons. Here, you’ll find a bunch of absolutely different tasks which will enhance the quality of your lessons. In current times, there are many Nobel-awarded achievements but when collegers learn the information about them from books, it won’t be interesting for them. Here, facts about these achievements are gathered in the form of simulations.

2. Sheppard Software

This service hosts many online educational activities for high school or college students. All of them are subdivided into different categories in accordance with the level of students and the subject area they study. Using this service, teachers can easily vary their lessons and make them more engaging.

3. Mr. Nussbaum

This is a well-known educational platform, developed by a teacher who adores his job. He was working at a Virginia public school for many years. He rendered a decision to hand over his experience to other teachers by creating a site with his games. So, if you are a teacher and need inspiration, you’ll find a variety of cool ideas here.

4. Primary Games

Comprising an awful lot of different online activities, this portal will help any teacher make his lessons the juiciest ones. It comprises more than 1000 games in math, arts, social sciences, etc. There are special recommendations for teachers which will help them organize educational processes.

5. Mind Snacks

Searching for a cool platform which will help you learn different languages, don’t you? Mind Snacks is what you really need because this platform is the best place where you can learn a number of new phrases and words. Whether you study French or Spanish, this app will help you improve your communicative skills and learn new words. To help you remember new words faster, the developers created an interesting approach – touch screen games.

If your kids experience difficulties and want to increase their vocabulary, they can install this app on their smartphones and use it when they have spare time.

Sometimes, it is really hard to find several spare hours to play these games because students are overwhelmed with a bunch of different tasks like essays or term papers. To find time on these interesting games, you can delegate some tasks and buy cheap essays online from experienced and professional custom writing services.

6. Code Spells

This platform is for those who wish to learn the basics of coding. Playing this simple game, they will understand how to write code. This is a powerful platform which can help students make themselves familiar with the basics of Java code.

7. EVE Online

Are you going to become a manager? This tool will help you develop managing skills! This is the best online place where you can imagine yourself to be a manager of a company. As a result, you will be a virtual manager of a prosperous company. You’ll see how to run a company, get the new experience and improve some of your skills.

8. Gazillionaire Deluxe

The target audience of this game is college students who study economics or business. Its key purpose is to help students develop different skills.

9. PowerUp

This is a powerful comprehensive tool for students with visual impairments and learning disabilities. It will help them learn many interesting facts about environment and nature.

10. Betwixt Folly and Fate

This is a cool 3D game which can allow students to imagine themselves to be slaves or house servants. Otherwise stated, this game offers a sterling opportunity to learn the life of these people closer. The target audience is students studying history or culture.

Teachers should always be creative. As a result, their lessons will be amazing and educational. Different games are the best tools which can help them do this!

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