The Snorlax Beanbag Chair I’ve Discovered too Late for Christmas

Yup, this is legitimately the greatest thing ever. A Snorlax that you can actually take a nap on. The sleeping Pokemon has long been known only for his ability to obstruct roads, and of course pull all the other Pokemon, but now he’s serving a new purpose: furniture.

Sadly, I believe this is custom made, and not available for purchase, but I would highly suggest Love Sack, who makes those GIANT beanbag chairs you can actually get lost in, discover this design and implement it into production immediately. I would throw away my bed and just sleep on this all the time. Fooling around might get a little bit awkward, though I’d keep the lights off as I don’t think too many females would stick around after realizing they’re naked on top of a giant stuffed Pokemon. If they do? They’re a keeper. Or insane. Not sure which.


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