Possibly The Scariest Clown you Will See Today Or Any Day for That Matter

Scary Clown

We here at Unreality have much respect for clowns.  From the video game clowns we love to the scariest Ronald McDonald’s, we’ve searched far and wide for clowns that truly capture our hearts.

And I must say that of all the clowns we have posted on this website this guy might surely take the cake.

First of all I’m pretty sure this guy is over 50.  Call it a hunch but the veins in his breast plate, the double chin, and the belly button give off this “I’m older and am a pedophile” vibe that I just can’t get off me.

And I know you’re all looking at the small budge near the crotch area.  And as if that weren’t the capper the furry felty boots really engross the whole thing don’t they?

Congratulations to whoever this guy is for being the most disturbing clown I’ve seen in quite some time.

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