The Range of Two Young Actresses

Team Emma, forever and always. I’m looking forward to the Harry Potter franchise ending to see what else Emma Watson can do. I’m looking forward to the Twilight franchise ending so hopefully I never have to see Kristen Stewart again.


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  1. hate to break it to ya, but this is wrong as long as kristen stewart’s mouth is not shown opened in a slightly bewildered and slack-jawed manner….

  2. My last post was censored, even though it was not vulgar or threatening. Merely honest. You’re biased towards Emma Watson because you can’t get enough of Harry Potter. Now is there anything I said in that statement that was wrong or vulgar? Why am I censored? I thought this was America. That guy before me can post some stupid comment, with a spelling error on the name of the person he is sticking up for. Double biased. Boo. Hiss.

  3. @Jackson

    You aren’t being censored, I just hadn’t moderated your
    comment yet. You’re supposed to be auto-approved if you post using the same e-mail, but for some reason you’re not. Guess my comment filter picks up on how much of a Debbie downer you are on everything I write.

  4. Ugh, Kirsten Stewart gives me chills when I see her pale, gaunt face and frumpy, awkward body. My friends all think she is really hot, while I have to make sure my mouth is closed when I look at her face or the vomit I am holding back will spew out and project everywhere.

  5. I don’t know how people think Kristen Stewart is hot. She seriously looks like a crack fiend or heroin addict.

    Now Emma Watson is actually very beautiful and might I add has been trying to further her education. Beauty and brains!!!

    I am with you Paul!! Team Emma!!!

  6. Emma is not an good actress, even if she is better Kristin.
    None of here looks above convince me. The ashame-look doesnt look ashamed, the depress-look doesnt look depressed, and so on and on and on….

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