The Part They Never Show You in Cartoons

Many animated TV shows feature some sort of sentient or at least highly contributing cast member that also happens to be a dog. But we never get to see the realities that come with that addition to the family, namely taking them on walks and cleaning up after them dumping on the ground.

I guess I didn’t realize this many famous cartoons did have a dog in them, but I guess it’s the hallmark of success for a cartoon. I could make you play the guessing game here, but these are pretty easy. We’ve got Charlie Brown, the Jetsons, Mickey Mouse, Family Guy, Inspector Gadget, Scooby Doo, The Simpsons and The Flintstones.

Now, if you can name all the DOGS pictured here off the top of your head, that would be a little more impressive.

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  1. Why would George Jetson have to clean up after Astro? First off they have a robot maid. Secondly, he just has to lean his butt over the side and let the shit fall into the fog…I’m sure that’s what’s down there anyways

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