The Making of Wrestle Jam, The 8-Bit Game From The Wrestler

wrestle_jam_grab.jpg has a very cool article on the making of Wrestle Jam, the game Mickey Rourke and his young friend play in The Wrestler.  Apparently, the game is a real, playable game, and Rourke actually played it during the movie. 

Wrestle Jam is a work of fiction, a faux NES game created specifically for the film by motion graphics artist Kristyn Hume and programmer Randall Furino. The brother and sister team created the game from scratch, taking influence from 8-bit fighting games like Nintendo’s Pro Wrestling and Acclaim’s WWF Wrestlemania.

Hume, also responsible for The Wrestler’s laboriously accurate title sequence, said that the film’s producers and directors wanted that “classic video game” look and feel for Wrestle Jam, an effort that took weeks to create.

You can read the rest of the article on Kotaku by clicking HERE.

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