The Legend of Skyrule

With everyone going so Skyrim crazy this month, it’s easy to forget about another great game that’s coming out, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. All reports indicate it’s a damn good game, as you’d expect from Nintendo. Unfortunately I’ve never thought it worthwhile to own a Wii, and many who do have one might have pawned it by now, as it’s been so long since a quality game has come out for the system.

This piece of fan art is rather cool as it combines the two games into one. I’m sure with enough tweaking, you could create a Skyrim character that looks somewhat like Link, and you wouldn’t even have to use motion controls to make him fight! Amazing. Anyway, I’m going to try and track down one of my friends who still has a Wii so I can play this at some point. Or what, can I just buy one? Aren’t they like 100 bucks now?

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  1. I have been wanting one lately so did a lot of looking into last week. Currently, they are $150 but I am willing to bet someone will have a $100 Wii on Black Friday.

    Can you believe Mario Kart and Super Smash are still hovering at $50?!

  2. New, you can get a wii for about $100. Black Friday, gamestop’s used Wiis go down to $70 I think. But on craigslist, you could find a better deal 🙂

    …Ahhh, I wanna play them both 🙁

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