The Legend of Seinfeld: The Ocarina of Nothing


Alright before you watch this, I’m going to tell you not to get your hopes up the way I did. I thought this was going to be the intro to some skit that combined The Legend of Zelda and Seinfeld, but rather it’s just an audio track that combines the two.

However, upon listening to it for an extended period of time, I deemed that despite this switcharoo, it was still cool enough to post here with the addendum “THESE DEKU NUTS ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY!”


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  1. SynaMax owns.
    Check out his Yello – Oh Yeah remix, also on youtube.
    He has a bunch of stuff on too, like the uncle philTMND: Mashed Remix, and an Art of Noise’s Paranormia remix that I really like. Can’t find it atm, at work…

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