The Last Sprite Supper

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I’ve seen a hundred different variants of The Last Supper over the years from The Simpsons to Lost to Battlestar Galactica, but here’s a new version showcasing our favorite old school video game characters subbing in for Jesus and the disciples.

Mario is naturally the big man himself, which makes me wonder who would be in the Judas slot. I’m going to go with Ness, as he’s so sweet looking no one would ever suspect him.

Also love Peach in the Da Vinci rumored Mary Magdalene role. Also note the Tetris ceiling and console wall decorations. Lots of small, clever details to be found all over here.


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  1. I agree that Cloud is Judas. All of the other seem to be from a Nintendo platform where Cloud made his first appearance in FFVII which was only on Sony PS1.

  2. Who are the guy with green clothes (not Link), the brown haired guy and the animal standing on the table? All of them on the right of Mario.

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