The Laid Back Fellowship of the Ring

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It’s a group shot of the Fellowship if Mordor happened to be somewhere in Central Park and the only obstacle in their way to get there was traffic.

I’d say the only one who really looks exactly the same as their film character is Frodo. That guy in the back you don’t recognize? That’s Gimli. No, he’s not actually a stout dwarf in real life.

Orlando Bloom really needs to eat something, he looks like he’s about to keel over from malnourishment. Though I guess those elves live forever no matter what, right?

Jackson, get The Hobbit moving OK?

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  1. Hey you on the right, baldy, when are you going to tear up a picture of the pope and sing nothing compares 2 U?
    Sinead O’Connor references are still cool, right?

  2. Dominic Monaghan (Merry) looks like he is trying to audition for his role of Charlie in Lost. Just the way he is dressed and sorta sticks out against the rest (rockstar like) makes me think that.

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