The Interview: Great, But Not Worth The Controversy


I’ve adored the Seth Rogen-Evan Goldberg pairing for a number of years, sure they have faltered on occasion but more often than not they had me howling with laughter. I was overjoyed when This Is The End was released as it was their directorial debut as well as being the funniest film of 2013. You can argue with me if you’d like to but I will never say it’s not. With This Is The End they had pretty much solidified themselves as comedy king pins for me so of course I was eagerly awaiting their next feature, The Interview. I was excited about seeing it anyway but then all the controversy surrounding it made me want it even more, I felt like crying when Sony tried to cancel it’s release. Thankfully artistic freedom prevailed and it was released cinematically as well as on demand on Christmas day. While everyone was tucking into their Turkeys and attempting not to strangle their family member’s, my family decided to sit down with a few burgers and watch it. Classy family Christmas in the Azzid household.

I’ll start by saying that it was an incredibly enjoyable comedy, although I don’t believe that it was as good as it’s predecessor I was laughing throughout and would certainly watch it again. Rogen and Goldberg have always complimented one another well when writing together but I truly think they are in their element when directing their films. That way they are (almost) in complete control of their work, they can do whatever they please as they have ownership over it. The on screen partnership of Rogen and James Franco is always lovely to revisit, it’s hard to believe that they have been working together for fifteen years. Yes Freak and Geeks is fifteen years old. You can take a break in reading this so you can wallow about how old you are. Done? Good. The two have great chemistry and were hilarious, but Dave Skylark (Franco) and Aaron Rapoport (Rogen) reminded me of countless characters that they’d played before so it did feel a little bit repetitive.

The Interview follows Skylark, who is a talk show host with an inflated sense of self worth as he interviews popular celebrities but thinks that it is actual journalism *cough* Piers Morgan *cough*. The producer, Rapoport, believes that the show is too low brow and decides to arrange an interview with Kim Jong-un  (Randall Park) who has admitted to being a fan. The CIA decides to use this as an opportunity to poison Kim Jong-un and lead agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) decides to “Honey Pot” Skylark into doing the dead. Skylark and Rapoport give in, and of course the plan goes awry multiple times and I fits of giggles while watching it unfold. Seeing Skylark and Kim Jong-un interact and attempt to “Honey Dick” one another throughout the film was on of my highlights and I would watch the film again for their scenes alone. Like This Is The End the film featured numerous celebrity cameos which makes sense given Skylark’s job. Eminem is hand’s down the best cameo in The Interview. Scratch that, he’s the best cameo ever in the history of film. I was in stitches only a few minutes into that film and it was solely due to him, I wasn’t expecting Eminem to be in that situation but I guess that’s one of the things that made it great. I hope Rogen and Goldberg keep the cameos coming in their future films, they are always an unexpected delight.

Some people believe that it’s probably bad form to mock North Koreans because we could get nuked, they sure weren’t too happy about it’s release but I don’t think The Interview is too harsh. The general public don’t get to see a lot of Kim Jong-un and what we see of him here is a complete caricature and so far removed from anyone so I doubt that many would believe that this is a true to life portrayal of him. He is crazy but I found him quite endearing and the film actually humanised him through his relationship with his dictator father. What I saw in the film didn’t warrant the amount of controversy and criticism that surrounded it’s release, I was expecting something incredibly scathing but it seemed pretty tame to what I had envisioned. What I saw was an incredibly funny film that was quite surreal so people shouldn’t get their knickers in a twist too much.

Like any other comedy some of the jokes did fall flat but I still think it’s one of the better comedies that has been released this year and it has taught me the words “Honey Pot” and “Honey Dick” so naturally I recommend it to all. I will warn you now that it did make me enjoy Katy Perry for a hot minute and I didn’t even feel ashamed.

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