The Greatest Splash Mountain Achievement Ever

There have been a great many awesome Splash Mountain photos over the years, as every single person knows where the camera is. Usually they involve flashing or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but I would say that what we’re witnessing here might beat them all.

Can it be real? How exactly would you transport a working television onto Splash Mountain? Did they bring a battery pack? Won’t everything get destroyed by the water they’re about to come crashing down into? If they managed to bring a TV and Gamecube onto the ride, I applaud them. If they managed to make both of them WORK? I bow to them.

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  1. it is probably a cutout or just fake because i dont see power cords for the tv or the gamecube, plus if he was holding an actual tv it would fly out of his hands

  2. I’m surprised nobody has pointed out the most ridiculous part of this picture… That pasty, dorky, weak-looking kid in back is somehow haus enough to lift a 27″ (That’s a guestimate) TV in basically one arm? Look at the picture, the TV is off to the left of his head far enough to where his left arm is completely stretched out. Good luck holding a TV in that position for more than 2 seconds if you have muscles like that kid.

  3. You shouldn’t really judge people by the way they look. He could be a lot stronger than you think. Although I agree that this picture isn’t real, I don’t agree with you calling someone you don’t even know “pasty, dorky” and “weak-looking”.

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