The Glory of Movies


This is a video I came across yesterday that reminds me just why it is I like movies. Set to Hans Zimmer’s “Time” off the Inception soundtrack, it goes through a number of classic movie scenes, and is really an awe inspiring video project.

Most of these movies are from about the last fifteen years or so, but there aren’t many that are super recent, save Avatar. I’ve been feeling like movies just aren’t quite as epic as they used to be. And I don’t mean “epic” like an hourlong action sequence that destroys Chicago like in Transformers 3, but epic in the sense that Gladiator was. Perhaps this is a thought for another column, but it’s one I haven’t been able to shake for a while now as I sit through new and unexciting superhero and toy movies.

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  1. A good piece of evidence to my argument that a soundtrack makes up a large portion of what makes a good movie.

    Also liked the addition of Supernatural in there.

  2. I think its worth mentioning that it’s not only movies comprised in this video, but also tv shows. Lost and Supernatural to be specific. Either way, good video, you can never go wrong with using the Inception soundtrack!

  3. Though it´s very well edited and worth watching you can´t put scenes from Lost, MI 3, Wolverine between LOTR and Gladiator. C´mom ! Epic meets crap.

  4. Meh. The clips could’ve had a little more thought put into them. Some were from TV shows, too many were from LOTR, and there wasn’t enough UNIQUE clips… most of the clips were things you see in a lot of movies… an eyeball opening, a reunited couple kissing, an army of horse-riders charging, or just characters faces looking offscreen for a few seconds. I was expecting a video with more iconic imagery.

  5. How was Gladiator epic? It was about one guys grudge against another guy. It was set largely in one place. The outcome effected relatively few people.

    I believe the movie you are looking for that had more scope, and therefore is more epic, would be “Braveheart.”

    Besides, “I am vexed” is a stupid fucking line of dialogue.

  6. I agree with you with the epic ness i feel movies are loosing there touch, making a movie 3 hours long doesnt make it epic. They need to go back to movies like apocalypse now, children of men, gladiator and so forth.

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