The Gears of War 2 Journal: Day 1


“Really? Didn’t I just clean all this $@#% up?”

I went into the second Gears of War slightly skeptical. I had enjoyed the last one, and it was actually the first game I picked up when I got my first 360, (I’m now on my third, guess why?). However, I wasn’t as blown away with it as everyone else seemed to be. It was a good shooter, and graphically astonishing, but after I beat it, I don’t think I ever gave it another thought. So when the second game was released, I didn’t sprint directly to the store like the other 2.1 million people who got it on the first day.

And as I started the second game, my skepticism grew. I’ve seen this before. Run through demolished building, hide behind stuff, pop up and shoot zombie mutants, sorry “Locusts,” and repeat. But then things changed.


Been there, done that.

As I ended the first mission, “Gears of War 2” came on the screen during the cutscene. Wait, I was just playing the intro? Wow. Well played Gears of War, well played. Since then, I’ve discovered a depth to the new game that I hadn’t seen in the previous iteration. I rumbled through the jungle on the top of a massive transport/dump truck contraption, firing away at locusts who had hijacked a vehicle alongside me. At one point I was prompted to shoot the driver, which sent the whole thing careening off the side of a cliff as I rolled across a bridge to safety. Awesome.

Now I’m down the dreaded Locust caves, not exatly sure what I’m doing. Plot has never been one of Gears of War‘s strong suits, but from what I can gather, the giant bomb from last game didn’t do the trick, and now we’re headed back down again to do…what, exactly? I’m not sure. At least it’s not Halo where the main character doesn’t say more than five words the entire game and the plot is directly lifted from Starcraft. Fenix appears to be voiced by Jack Bauer on steroids, yelling obscenities every two seconds in between chainsawing Locusts in half. Now that’s a lead I can relate to.

I’ll be checking in regularly as I continue to make progress. Now, how the hell do I work the distance gauge on this mortar cannon?



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