The Final Countdown: Decent Kids Games, Batman Bad for Gotham and Actor Career Graphs

Go here to see kids games that aren’t terrible.

If adults can appreciate kids movies, that means we should be able to like kids games too right? Well sometimes, as only rarely do children’s game capture our interest when gaming.

The Countdown

Why Batman is terrible for Gotham – [Cracked]

Fun with Rotten Tomatoes career graphs – [FilmDrunk]

A date with Kate Upton – [PopCrunch]

Scientists record rat memories – [GammaSquad]

A scene from Sheen’s new sitcom – [HolyTaco]

Has Mars ever had life? – [Neatorama]

50 state mottos that should exist – [Maxim]

Film’s most swearing chicks – [Pajiba]

15 awesome animal GIFs – [TheChive]

The force is strong in New York – [IamBored]

Look at fat Mac on Always Sunny – [TheSuperficial]

The most dizzying first pitch ever – [BroBible]

Might there be a Party Down film? – [ScreenJunkies]

Dragon Age in the real world – [Heavy]

The best Iron Man techno villains – [ToplessRobot]

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