The Evolution of Mario


To all you people over 30 just look at this thing and let it sink in. I mean we’re talking pre Super Mario Brothers.  We’re talking pre just about everything.  I mean little Mario was in Donkey Kong for Christ’s sake!

This is almost too much to take in.  I feel ancient, wretched and depressed.  I feel like one of those old guys who says “Ah you kids don’t know what music is today, what is that Nirvana crap you’re listening to?  Back in my day it was Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.”

Well, back in my day it was Rad Racer and Contra.  Wii?  Who the hell heard of Wii damnet?  Argghhh.

Cool picture though!  [Via I Heart Video Games]

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  1. Dude, don’t feel too old. I’ve owned every one of these games. My parents had an Atari that got me started with Donkey Kong and when the NES came out my gaming life started and hasn’t stopped since.

    My favorite of all time has to be Mario 64 though. So many hours of goodness dumped into that game…

  2. Hey, don’t feel ancient because you love Zeppelin. They are a bit “before my time,” but they are the best band of all time.

    I still love the classic Mario games as well. That little plumber has been around for longer than I have!

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