The Entries for Unreality’s Banner Redesign Contest!

Unreality’s banner design contest went on all last week, and from the amount of you proficient in photoshop, I think we might have to start doing these sorts of things more often.

We recieved a lot of entries, and I’ve done my best to compile all of them for your viewing pleasure below. We have all ranges of the artistic spectrum, and entries scale from amateur to pro, but we appreciate them all. There was a particularly hilarious one using Comic Sans I seem to have misplaced. Damn…

Feel free to let me know your favorite piece in the comments. I thought about doing public voting but eh, I’ll probably just pick my favorite. Seems fair to me! But I will take your opinions into consideration if there’s a clear favorite. If you win, expect an e-mail in the next few days, and the banner will go up on the site probably next week. Reminder: This change isn’t permanent, it’s just for a week. Probably.

Alright, check out ALL of the entries below. Click to make them full size.


by ME-Design Solutions


by Barb


by Sid


by Mariana


by Caio


by Caio


by Penny


by Tomislav


by Shrey


by Mark P.


by Mark H.


by Mariana


by Astrubal


by Chingiz


by Chris


by Rupert


by Axel


by Tomislav


by Carl

What’s your favorite?


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  1. Insanely tough, because all of these are awesome.

    I like #1 a lot, but I agree that #15 is really sweet because it stands out as different from the rest to me.

  2. 15 is good. But if you want to keep the same or similar color scheme, I’d go with 2 or 9.
    Also 7 would make more sense if you ever talked about doctor who. Have you ever watched it? Do you know what TARDIS stands for? Not trying to sound like a pretentious douche, I’m just curious.

  3. Sorry I’ve gonna give a reason here since I didn’t on my comment above.

    I pick 15 cause it seems timeless. I mean it would not get outdated as time passes. Very simple.

  4. Number 1’s best IMO. Keeps with the blue of the site and feels a fair bit different from the current banner (compare that to 16 which really just feels like they changed the font and that’s it =/ Not enough for me). But a veeeeery close second is 15. Subtle/simple, not too overbearing (I’m not a fan of the ones with the characters in it for that reason), and just overall fantastic. But it’s not blue, which seems like a really minor thing, but still.

    Can’t wait to see which one you choose though~

    Also! Kudos to #7; I don’t think it’s as high up in quality as some of the others, but it gets extra points for using Paper Mario (The Paper Mario series is one of my personal favorites. So yeah. Yay~)

  5. I like the blue color schemes, but #15 is the cleanest. I like the use of icons instead of having 2 or 3 different fonts or multiple images on the banner to get the point across. Really well done.

  6. #2, 8, 9, and 15 are my favorites, though 15 seems like it might be visually appealing for a longer period of time than my other favorites.

  7. I’d go for any that doesn’t include the blue/orange colour scheme. Ever since Unreality pointed this out to me I’ve been seeing it everywhere. 🙁

    I love nr. 15!

  8. 9 and 15!
    (For the love of all that is holy, not 13… 1) I don’t remember the last time you’ve had a post on Supernatural, if at all, and 2) hardly anyone watches Supernatural anymore.)

  9. 5. awesome typography and sun flares effect

    6. seems like age of empires title!

    8. amazing use of 3D in the typography!

    9. love it! also goes with the same theme of the site right now! and there’s no need to change the page css

    18. too much gay (sorry folks)

    19. UNreadably

  10. 15, for sure.

    But I’d change it the ring on the left to some other circular, less-specific object (planet like the existing one works, or something to complement the gears on the right), and the color scheme should be adjusted to fit with the existing site a little more closely.

  11. 15. It reminds me of coffee, and every morning I read all posts of the previous day with a nice cup of coffee beside me. 15 really manages to convey that feeling.

  12. #1

    pretty much in that order, and you should really consider making it permanent paul, especially #9 could work really well as a new (brighter) design.

  13. For me, it’s definitely no.9. Just the concept that there’s another world which you can see through the typeface just blew me away. And i think it matches this website’s feel and theme nicely.

  14. I think my favorites are the ones that incorporate characters. Like #3, #7, #14, and #17. But most of them are great. Why not just change the logo once a week and use all the ones you like? Starting with the winner, your favorite, and moving on from there?

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