The Eight Strangest Looking Actors in Hollywood


When you think of the prototypical Hollywood star, is this face what you see? No, I thought not. Rather imagines of Pitt, Clooney, Jolie and Megan Fox pop up in your head, as actors are supposed to be good looking, right?

Though that’s generally true, many roles require the actor to be significantly less pretty than your average leading man. But also, since they can’t rely on their looks to get them by, these actors have had to make their careers based on their talents alone, and therefore I find them to be better dramatic and comedic performers than most of your average A-listers.

While most might consider these eight actors “creepy looking,” they are supremely talented individuals, and while most of them have proven themselves onscreen, it is kind of a bummer they’re largely restricted to rather villainous roles.

1. Jackie Earle Haley


He’s been an actor for a while now, but his breakout role was as a former sex offender in the otherwise terrible, but critically-lauded Little Children. Since then, he’s filled the mask and trenchcoat of Rorschach in Watchmen, and will be the new burned face of Freddy Krueger soon enough in the Nightmare on Elm St. remake.

Was He Always This Creepy?


Verdict: Yes

2. Robert Knepper


A TV actor best known for his stint as psycho rapist-killer T-bag in Prison Break, Knepper has recently been the only thing worthwhile about Heroes, and his biggest movie role to date was as the bad guy in Transporter 3. Expect him to start getting larger roles in the future.

Was He Always This Creepy?


Verdict: Eh, a bit skinny, but pretty normal back in his Star Trek guest starring days.

3. Steve Buscemi


Perhaps the poster boy for famous, creepy looking actors, Buscemi has a storied career, and to me, his most memorable role had to be in Fargo, where he met an untimely end inside of a woodchipper in one of the most memorable deaths in movie history.

Was He Always This Creepy?


Verdict: Yes

4. Willem Dafoe


His roles are surprisingly split between good guy and bad buy, but he’s so well-versed he can do either well.  The man’s film career is impressive as he’s played everyone from Jesus to a vampire to a Mexican dictator. The man’s got range.

Was He Always This Creepy?


Verdict: Yes. Oh God, yes.

5. Christopher Walken


Everyone should have immediately recognized the face that was the lead image for this article. It was THE Christopher Walken of course, and the man’s distinctive face and speaking style have crafted him an acting genre all his own, and spawned, way, way too many YouTube impressions.

Was He Always This Creepy?


Verdict: Nope. Sex bomb!

6. Crispin Glover


I’d have to say that out of everyone on this list, Glover’s talents are probably in the shallow end, as fare like Willard doesn’t exactly speak for him as a solo performer. But yes, he’s definitely freaking creepy, and the next time you’ll see him making you uncomfortable will be in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland as the Knave of Hearts.

Was He Always This Creepy?


Verdict: Yes

7. William Fichtner


Fichtner is a prototypical “that guy” actor who I know you’ve seen in many, many films and TV shows over the years. He has a distinctive look about that I would not call…ugly or weird per se, just really…different, and I think that definitely helps him land all these roles looking for someone that stands out in a crowd.

Was He Always This Creepy?


Verdict: Eh, split decision

8. Michael Emerson


Benjamin Linus himself rounds up this list, and I expect you’ll start seeing him a lot more places after his memorable breakout turn on Lost wraps up after this year. He plays a unnerving little weasel of a bad guy, but he’s brought great dramatic range to the role and deserves to be given the chance to do the same for other parts in other features or shows.

Was He Always This Creepy?


Verdict: Uhhhh, yeahhhh.

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  1. Funny, all those guys you picked out kind of look alike to me. Also, when I read the verdict on Chris Walken I totally read that with a mental finger snap and head bob. Tittiessss!

    1. The Actor from ‘Ghost’! His name escapes me, but his performance when teaching Patrick Swayze how to kick the pop-can, revealed a face that only a mother could love, quite creepy. This Actor also appeared in ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’. Does anybody know his name?

  2. Pretty sure Jackie Earl’s breakout role was in the Bad News Bears, you know, where the “verdict” pic is from.

    Crispin Glover is a rare bird indeed. I think its all an act, but he’s had his share of creepy night show appearances. That being said, he was perfect in Charlie’s Angels.

    This list need Gary Busey, Clancy Brown, and, since you mentioned Buscemi in Fargo, his partner in crime/killer (spoilers!) Peter Stormare.

  3. the female list could include shelley duval (god dammit wendy!), sarah jessica parker (cause i think her face looks like a spider-fetus), joan cusak, and possibly renee zellweger (depending on how much she does that stupid scruncy face thing. also, she gains/drops weight like a boxer for her roles… freaks me out.)

  4. I’m kind of shocked Tim Curry wasn’t on the list. Oh and I find out funny that they listed Robert Knepper big role being from “Transporter 3” but then show a still from his role in “Hitman”.

  5. Just so you guys know, you made a mistake on Robert Knepper. That picture in the tub was from Hitman (2007) also starring Timothy Olyphant. Just wanted to point that out.

  6. Some good candidates, especially Walken and Dafoe but the biggest mystery to me is Owen Wilson. I mean seriously, that man’s nose defies logic – how the hell did he become a leading man in Hollywood?

  7. No Clint Howard?! This list is made of pure fail. 100% pure fail. Clint Howard is the DEFINITION of a strange looking star. The question really is, does he count as a “star”?

  8. You forgot Aaron Eckhart. That guy is a decent actor, but he looks WAAAAAY too weird. I can barely watch The Dark Knight by it’s self, unless it’s with Rifftrax, because of him alone.

    He looked more normal as Two Face than Harvey Dent.

  9. I know a lot of these are movie stills, but photo credits would be appreciated! Give credit wherever possible (for example, the shot of Walken is by Martin Schoeller). Thanks.

  10. I think some of these actors are very handsome actually, it’s their unique look which appeals to me. Watch the movie Deerhunter and you’ll see just how beautiful Christopher Walken actually was in his hey day. I think he could play Johnny Depp’s father in a movie. Crispin Glover is very good looking.

  11. Anyone else notice how Christopher Walken’s eyes are not level? His left eye is noticeably lower. I never noticed this until looking at the younger pic of him.

  12. Willem Dafoe definitely pulled off a sexy look back then in ‘Platoon’ and imho he is still quite attractive today.

    However, great list, but Kevin Bacon should really be on it.

  13. “He looked more normal as Two Face than Harvey Dent.”

    This is going to sound so weird but me and my mom didn’t see him as at all good-looking until he became Two Face because then we could appreciate the unburned side of his face better.

  14. Interestingly enough, the story goes that Johnny Depp got his first acting role (in one of the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street movies, I think) because he decided to tag along with a friend of his who was auditioning.

    That friend – Jackie Earle Haley.

  15. Michael Emerson is such an amazing actor. He always looks a little odd, but when he’s not being Ben he seems to be a pretty nice, down to earth, and very funny guy.

  16. Jackie Earle Haley’s characters aren’t creepy and he’s not either. He is sexy as hell. As Kelly Leak he was smokin hot and as Rorschach, he was even hotter.

  17. Don´t know why, but I´m attracted by “creepy looking” men. Especially Robert Knepper and Chris Walken look good to me.
    I don´t find guys with “perfect” faces (like Brad Pitt and so on) sexy at all.

  18. Aw, Jackie Earle Haley isn’t strange looking. 🙁 Actually, he was kinda hot when he was a teenager.

    And that last pic you used of Michael Emerson is pretty cute, not creepy at all.

    But I still like your list. Gave me a good laugh.

  19. There’s an actor I’m trying to find who is definitely strange looking. He has the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen! He kinda resembles Mandy Patinkin, but his eyes are almost literally black. Anyone know who he is? I can hardly watch him.

  20. These guys are nearly all amongst my favourite actors! They have been succesful through their excellent acting talents regardless of their looks. Having said that, Rob Knepper is gorgeous!

  21. How come Jack Nicholson didn’t make the list?

    Or Anthony Perkins, or Donald Sutherland?

    Or Chi McBride? – That guy’s got a skull makes you take him serious!

    But I agree on earlier posts advocating Tim Curry, William H. Macy, and last but not least: Gary Busey (who as far as I can see at some time – presumably unintentionally, but very successfully – has been augmenting his oddness with plastic surgery).

  22. Excuse me, you forgot Tobin Bell… he’s someone who’s always getting casted as bad guy… and almost always ends up dying too. then of course he’s not really creepy either, he’s very adorable and is an extremely brilliant actor. As is Jackie Earle Haley… Oh and John C. Reily.

  23. How about John Malkovich? It’s a coin toss for me. I thought he was kind of attractive in the 80s and early 90s, but in some films, he looked pretty scary looking or weird. As for women, I think of Rachel Dratch from SNL. She has a goofy and/or spooky look to her but to be fair, she also takes attractive headshots when done right (I know that seems crazy but there are some online. : ) Oh, here’s another one for you… Meg Foster (from films such as They Live (John Carpenter,) Masters of The Universe, and Leviathan. I also remember watching her in a TV series/ or “made for tv movie” that either my English or History teacher had my class watch in High School. She’s attractive but has the craziest light blue eyes that I’ve noticed in a few of the films I’ve seen her in. I can tell they’re natural because I’ve worn colored contacts so I know how they look. She’d play a great vampire or zombie and wouldn’t need contacts. : )

  24. One* more comment: The main actor, Jeffrey Combs, from Reanimator. Someone on here mentioned they can’t think of some dude’s name who has the “darkest/blackest” eyes. They might be talking about him. Also Robert Blake has really dark eyes and looks creepy as f-ck. Robert played some creepy roles, and later on… shot his wife. I think he’s in prison for it. Just had to mention that. : )

  25. well….the list is not completely true, because:
    1. William Fitchner is really hot….and he’s not strange looking at all for me

    2. Robert Kneeper maybe strange looking….but he’s not ugly…..I kind of like him….

    3. and for you to say Joachin Phoenix is ugly or strange looking….maybe you all need a glasses…..that man is handsome enough…

    4. love Owen Wilson and he’s not ugly at all !!!!!

    5. That Michael Emerson is cutee…..

    but I also agree for the rest of the list exept for those man I wrote above

  26. I’m obviously going to be talking to the wrong people here, but how annoying is it when people keep making the same comments/corrections over and over?

    Do they not bother to read the other comments? I’m sure this guy needed to be told he made the hitman/transporter mistake 54 and a half times.

    As far as the list goes, I agree, the first guy seems pretty normal as a kid.

    Secondly, if you people think these guys are hot then I know there is a market for pimping dead roadside critters.

    Third, there were def a few hit in the comments that should make a list of the same type, but you gotta cut it off somewhere. (Though Jack N. should be there simply given his status as an actor)

    Also, I would like to point out that this list is of “creepy” actors, not necessarily “ugly” actors, that being said…if you make a list of female stars, I would love to see Shelly Duvall, as someone else already mentioned. She is mostly ugly I guess, but creepy ain’t too far behind.

    And lastly, why is it that no one ever mentions that blonde actress with the fifteen inch gap between her eye boogers and a mouth that makes wild animals freak out? Can’t think of her name…thought it was Amy Poehler before I pulled up images, but she’s actually not that bad looking in comparison. Someone that looks like her inbred sister is out there scaring small children right now though, so if you can think of her name please post it here…and on the Amber Alert Web site.

  27. I’m sorry, but Willem Dafoe may have always looked creepy, but he was fine when he was younger. I just love his strong facial features! Maybe it’s just me idk. 🙂

  28. What about Ron Perlman??? He’s got very distinctive, heavy features. I hate to be cruel but when I look at him the word “ape” comes to mind every time.

  29. How can this list have any credit without mentioning Vincent Schiavelli, Michael Berryman, Clint Howard, Richard Kiel or Quentin Tarantino?

    I think it’s about time for a re-edit.

  30. Kid from Home alone that’s now a Meth addict: Macaulay Culkin and creepy kid from Artificial Intelligence: Haley Joel Osment need to be on this list.

  31. “in one of the most memorable deaths in movie history”. Seriously? I had completely forgotten about that movie until you brought it up. You should really avoid stating opinion as fact like you did. It makes you look pretty bad. That statement is impossible to prove. Have you met everyone in the world and asked them all the most memorable movie deaths and the woodchipper one came out near the top? See my point. Saying stuff like that just makes you look like a major d bag. The correct way to make a statement like that would be “which was in my opinion one of the most memorable deaths in movie history”.

  32. None of these people are creepy looking, probably a list put together by liberals. They’re all at best, good actors, and some are absolutely great actors. Looks aside, did anyone see the the democrat presidential wanna be debate the other night? Now that was creepy.

  33. They are/were sexy, ALL OF THEM. The last pic of Michael Emerson is so adorable. And am i the only one who thinks Crispin Glover is really good looking?

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