The Complete Halo Reach Mythbusters Set So Far


Since I got Black Ops, I’ve almost forgotten that Halo Reach exists, a game that I doubt I’ll return to, and I’m sure as hell not shelling out for the new map packs.

But the game does exist, and there are still people playing it. The video game Mythbusters at Defend the House have been a fixture on the site here, and I believe I posted the first video in this series some time ago.

Since then however, there have been three more entries, and you can check them all out below if you’re curious. A lot of the myths have been carried over from Halo 3, sometimes to a strange degree, like how you can assassinate someone from their left shoulder, but not their right. And a lot of the other myths just go on to show how overpowered armor lock is, like how you can snipe someone ELSE by bouncing a bullet off the shield, and also how a plasma pistol not only doesn’t break it, but it actually reflects the plasma back at YOU so your shield evaporates. Balanced perk my ass.

Check out the rest of the videos below:

Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Episode 4:


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