The Captain America Sequel

This joke only really works if you’ve seen the Captain America movie, which all of your of course should have after my somewhat glowing 4 star (out of five) review earlier this week.

But for those who didn’t, I’ll do a brief summary. In the film, it’s implied that scrawny Steve Rogers is a virgin because he “never found the right dance partner,” but after his hunky trasformation, he doesn’t even have time to get with the ladies as he’s too busy saving the world. He only actually gets a kiss from Peggy Carter until he’s (spoiler alert if you managed to escape the comic books your whole life) frozen in ice for 70 years and she’s either crazy old or dead.

Though thinking about it, he was on tour with a fleet of USO girls for a long ass time before jumping to superherodom. Think his rigid moral code made him resist temptation?

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  1. I know this is WAY after the fact, but this is an argument I keep seeing, and frankly, it’s not so surprising — IF you know your history.

    It’s actually not as unbelievable as it sounds if you consider some of the following: There was no such thing as the pill in the 1940s and no such thing as legal (and safe) abortions.

    Birth control was pretty much limited to condoms (no spermicide) and
    diaphragms — IF the women could get them. Usually, they had to be
    obtained from a doctor, and they were expensive. Plus, going and asking
    a doctor for one if one was unmarried essentially marked a young woman
    as being promiscuous, and a lot of women were unwilling to do that.

    Planned Parenthood as an entity was just beginning about the time Steve went to war, and wasn’t in all states. The whole idea of birth control was really just beginning to catch on — in fact, for years, condoms were illegal in most of the United States. Women were expected *not* to prevent pregnancy, even if multiple births had stressed their families financially and put the women’s lives at risk. Even information about birth control was considered obscene and could be confiscated and punished by jail time — Margaret Sanger and others spent time in jail over disseminating that kind of information to women.

    One reason a guy like Steve probably *would* ‘wait for the right partner’ was that there was a damn good chance you’d knock your girl up if you fooled around too far, and you’d better be prepared to marry her if you did. Again, unlike today, a girl who got pregnant out of wedlock was utterly ruined if her partner didn’t marry her. We can’t even grasp that kind of thing today, which is good in terms of the fact that we’ve made that much progress as a society, at least.

    A guy as conscientious as Steve, who expected (and hoped) to be sent out on the front lines, would likely keep from going too far simply because he couldn’t be certain he’d be there to do the right thing if something DID happen.

    So, while I’m sure he’d probably WANT to (and no telling what other alternative action might have happened) actually sleeping with one of them would probably not be something he’d do, IMO. Steve Rogers is, above all, someone who believes in doing the right thing. If circumstances could make it such that he could get a girl ‘in trouble’, as they said then, and he couldn’t do the right thing by her (which he wouldn’t be able to do if he was overseas; transportation was not what it is now, and a lot of men never came home for the entire duration of their tour of duty), he’d choose the honorable route every time.

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