The Biggest Ninja Turtles Fan Ever


This is not your ordinary “biggest fan” video. Yes, some people get obsessed with collection items from a various piece of pop culture history, but here this woman goes above and beyond that with her love for the Ninja Turtles.

She’s taken out bank loans so she could buy the official costume heads from the Ninja Turtle movies. She only eats pizza every single day. She spent $5000 on karate lessons so she could fight like a Ninja Turtle.

Yes, she’s clearly insane, but in a surprisingly likable way. Until she ends up decapitating city workers in the sewers with dual katanas.

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  1. Hey,

    While I did get out bank loans on the turtle heads, they are both paid off. I do not eat pizza everyday. Though I do travel and collect a lot. The making of this video can be found on my video blog, Cowabunga Corner episode 40. Cool that I’m likable, hope you enjoy the videos I personally put together.

  2. Hi
    I m a huge ninja turtle fan. Donatello being my favourite I got a donatello head
    I have a decent collection of ninja turtles figures, vehicles and other stuff.

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