The Biggest Indicator of Comedic Failure

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There’s been a pretty obvious trend over the past decade or so of comedies. If you use bold, uppercase red font in your title, chances are your comedy is going to be terrible.

This has been proven time and time again by the movies featured above, and though you might disagree with one or two picks here, as a rule it’s generally true.

But the worst part? Practically all of these movies make money. It’s like this font is some kind of beacon to the idiots of the world to flock to these films and shell out their hard-earned money for idiocy.

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  1. Good list although I can’t agree with Deuce and Scary Movie (not including 2…3…or whatever they are on now) which were both hilarious and original….also Nutty Professor had it’s moments (Dinner scenes with the Klumps were gold) HERCULES HERCULES!!

  2. You don’t mess with the Zohan? Kidding me?
    Though, I indeed tend to avoid spontaneously bold red fonts postered-movies.
    In France, the poster wasn’t this one, it was much better anyways :3

  3. Miss March, Dodgeball, Little Nicky, Animal House, Tommy Boy, and Superbad are all fine examples that this rule isn’t accurate. And that’s just lookig over at my movie rack.

  4. Glad to say that the only one I’ve seen here is Scary Movie. And yes, I do think that it’s good. I caught it on cable about 2 months ago and could not stop laughing. I had a moment where I reflected and thought “Wow. I forgot how funny this movie is”. I guess over the years, as well as 3 (or is it 4?) bad sequels, and all the other crappy “movie” parodies, I accidentally lumped this one with the rest of them.

    Then again, I thought the same thing some time last year when I caught a classic episode of the Simpsons. And for the sake of “classic” here, I’ll just say an episode somewhere between seasons 3-6.

  5. Of the ones posted here, Scary Movie and Chuck and Larry are the only ones I’ve seen. While I wouldn’t say that Chuck and Larry was bad, per se, I can definitely say that Scary Movie (the first one) was not bad at all. It was uproariously funny.

    Interesting that Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler/Rob Schneider films take up more than one space on this list.

  6. Should have been called “Late era Eddie Murphy and any era Martin Lawrence: The Biggest Indicator of Comedic Failure”. Pains me to say it, too. While I have never seen Lawrence do anything that even approaches comedy, for a few years there, Murphy was the funniest man on Earth. The moment he needed special effects to be funny (I’m looking at you Nutty Professor) I knew it was over. Then we got Daddy Day Care. Case Closed.

  7. My fellow commentators appear to have terrible taste in movies. Dodgeball? American Pie? Scary Movie? Deuce Bigelow? Tommy Boy? Zohan? The Nutty Professor? Ugh. I’d provide my own example but I can’t think of any good one that disproves this theory.

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