The Best Songs of the Year Combined are Better Than All of Them


Alright, so this is one of the VERY rare occaisions I’m posting about music on the site here, because well, I know shit about music and how to write about it (the beats are…fresh?). But this video was way too cool to pass up.

It’s all the most popular songs of last year combined with each other to make one track, that frankly, is better than most of the songs in question. It’s a superb work of editing, as you wouldn’t imagine 25 tracks could be combined smoothly, but lo and behold, it creates a fresh beat. Sorry, I guess that’s the only way I can describe good music.

So take a listen, ten months late, but still pretty cool. I’ll look forward to hearing this year’s rendition in a few months.

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  1. Next time you do this Paul, please don’t mislead with the headline. There’s a big difference between “best songs” and “most popular songs”. Just saying.

  2. Golly, quit your crying.

    I admit, I don’t listen to the radio either (Okay, I’m lying, but the station I listen to plays stuff from the 40’s.), but if you’re really THAT concerned, go write a better song and try to get it blasted it everywhere. And if it turns out to be just as popular, are you going to say the same thing?

    I freakin’ can’t stand Miley Cyrus though.

    I’m not trying to be a troll or defend anyone, but Jesus Christ, can you at the very least appreciate the work they put into it before complaining about everything? They make more money than you, get over it. Go rob a bank.

  3. Legit artists like Jonny Craig, Closure in Moscow, At The Drive-In, Isis, Irepress, Tides of Man, Immortal Technique, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Ill Bill, Cynic (both the rapper and Masvidal’s crew) and the like are overlooked, while autotuned drivel like this gets the top spots on the charts.

    It’s nice to have happy-go-lucky music here and there, but the false positive reinforcement that these songs push is actually really depressing (at least to me).
    How is it possible that anybody would believe this “plastic land of happiness” would ever be possible?
    Might have a lot to do with cynicism vs. idealism, but still.
    Being accessible for the sole purpose of being commercially viable is horrific.

    It’s only existed since the existence of music companies, which says a good deal.

  4. Ye ima have to say that was rather bad. My fav has been Girltalk – Feed the animals. Worth checking out. His previous album Unstoppable is also not bad but its got nothing on Feed the animals. Thanks OTwarrior for listing Norwegain Recycling, im rly liking it 🙂

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