My Favorite Halloween to Date

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Alright, this post may run the risk being a bit personal for the site, but I was really pumped about how my girlfriend and my Halloween costumes turned out this year. As some of you guessed, I was Ash, but truth be told it was HER idea to be Pikachu first, as though she’s never played Pokemon, she’s liked the character itself since childhood.

So I followed her lead and assembled my Ash costume from various places on the internet. She got her ears and tail from China, and assembled the striped bathing suit/tutu combo herself. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined, and so I thought I’d share it here with you as this is generally the crowd who would appreciate something like this.

It was nice to finally have people recognize who I was for a change (previously I’ve been a Japanese 8th grader from Battle Royale, and Ash from Evil Dead), and everyone who got it seemed impressed. Obviously her outfit was more eye catching than mine, which is why I decided we needed to get a whole photoshoot of her Pikachu get-up.

Check out some more pics of her and us in costume below. And remember to send me your own costume photos from the weekend ( for a post to be assembled later.

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  1. We never get to see your hat turned the right way. Guess you’re always in battle mode 😛
    Fake’n bake tan makes her kinda look like jersey shore crossed with pikachu, but you guys still look awesome *thumbs up*

  2. “…about how my girlfriend and I’s Costumes…”

    Wow alright. Look I know this site is informal and fun and guy talk, etc etc etc. I really do love it and read you every single day. But you boys REALLY need to learn some basic English. Honestly. Maybe get an editor?

  3. I always imagined you to either be overly thin and pale, or overweight, and very white. Especially a girlfriend who you got to watch A Game of Thrones. But both are you guys are extremely attractive, and that girl is extremely hot. You look like an unbelievably cool dude, and from reading the site, you are one.

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