The Best Football Fan Of the Weekend

Football Fan

We normally don’t cover sports around here but I had to share this little photo with you.    While the Jets were busy getting their asses kicked by the Saints, this man (possibly woman) was  more than likely drawing the attention of just about every person sitting in his section.

Imagine the preparation it takes to put something like that on.  I mean I’m a fan of sporting events like anyone else but is it really Halloween now at football games?  I mean to go through all of that just for a game?

Put it this way.  It’s an awesome thing to see but I just don’t think I could go through all that effort going to a game that I’m already paying for.  To each their own and let’s not forget how awesome this get up really is.

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  1. EVERY Raiders game is Halloween. You always have your diehard fans wearing crazy shit at the games no matter what team it is but this is def. the first i’ve seen of people dressing as video game characters to go to a football game. I never knew people that were into cosplay were also into sports…

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