The Audience is on Board for Devil, Until Shyamalan Rears His Head

Audience reacts to "Devil" trailer
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Something funny happened when I was watching Inception this weekend. There was a new trailer for Devil, the horror film about five people stuck in an elevator, and one of them happens to be the devil. Craziness ensues.

Everyone seemed pretty intrigued by the terrifying trailer (there aren’t too many scenarios that scare me more than being trapped somewhere that small, especially with the devil breathing down your neck), that is until “from M. Night Shyamalan” came on the screen. It’s his story, but the film isn’t written or directed by him. But no matter, his name is so toxic these days that the audience LITERALLY GROANED when they saw his name come on the screen. I’m not sure anyone else in Hollywood has the capability to elicit such a reaction today.

I thought this would just be a funny story to tell people, but as it turned out this happened ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. This video from FilmDrunk above shows the exact same thing happening in a different theater, where the audience decries Shyamalan’s involvement in a very audible fashion. Watch, it’s hilarious.

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  1. Yes, same thing happened when we went to watch Inception.

    The whole theater groaned, and my girl asked my why. After saying “The Happen…” she’s like “Oh… um… yeah…”

  2. In the theatre I was in (it was pretty empty as it was noon on a Monday) I did hear the 2 guys behind me..

    Guy 1: “Dude, I hate elevators already we gotta see this movie!”
    Guy 2: “Oh man and the devil is in there with them….sweet”

    …M Night Shyamalan’s name makes an appearance…

    Guy 1 (I think from the voice) : “Too bad, that movie looked cool”

  3. whatever, the only movies of his i think are shitty are “The Last Airbender” and “The Village”….

    i still stand by the rest of his movies ranging from watchable to brilliant.

  4. I really enjoyed THE LAST AIRBENDER, probably because i had no idea prior to the credits that shyamalan was involved. THE SIXTH SENSE & UNBREAKABLE were really fun movies too, even though i knew the twist before watching them. He’s a better director than a writer, i think. He’s great with actors and pacing and story development, which are the responsibility of a director. The conceptualization in his plotlines has gotten really hackneyed, but a good producer could probably still wrestle a smart story from him.

  5. I really dont understand the hate for Shyamalan. there are so many crap films filling our movies everyday way worse than any film from him and nobody even gives a shit about it. My guess is that he started with a oscar and everybody just thought he would make more oscars every film. I loved every single work of Shyamalan (didnt watch the last air bender though), its one of my favorite directors but his movies are just not for everyone (some). its kind of a trend to bash him now, i just dont get it.

  6. I saw inception opening night and when the Shyamalan part came on, my friends and I started booing. Someone else in the theater shouted out “F*** You, Shyamalan”

    After the trailer was done, my thought was “If you know your next movie is going to suck, better lock in the one after that right now.”

    It got booed at Salt also. Not by me this time.

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