The Assassin’s Creed Death Metal Poison Blade Ball


I always go back to Assassin’s Creed II as a prime example of how to do a sequel RIGHT, as the studio listened to all complaints about the first game, and more or less fixed everything.

One of my favorite additions to the game was the poison blade, which allowed you to kill people without them even noticing it. It had an interesting side effect though, rather than simply passing out, they would flail around like crazy, and god help them if they were holding a weapon. Let’s just say a few passing minstrels were often in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But someone got the bright idea to set these flailing death throes against a death metal soundtrack, which turns the scenario into one giant mosh pit. I’ve also been told to look for the Star Wars kid at 2:55.

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  1. Woe is he who does not know the differences between all of the sub-sub-subgenres of heavy metal. Psh. You probably don’t even know the difference between neo-classical and symphonic metal or drone metal or doom metal and thrash metal or grindcore. How dare you post a videogame video featuring heavy metal music while in ignorance of the huge differences in bands that all have hyperfast palm muted distorted guitar, blast beats, and screaming vocals. In about 5 years, every single metal band will be considered a subgenre of their own at this rate. Awesome video.

  2. I LOVE how there’s another metalhead that frequents unreality. Thanks for clarifying the genre :). Metalcore is absolutely NOT death metal.

    also, As I Lay Dying sucks.

    But I love the video

  3. Me and my brother would always throw a bunch of money into a crowd, and then poison some one. And then just keep throwing money. Everyone still goes after it!

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