Unreal Dexter Review: “Helter Skelter”

Well after a week off of reviewing Dexter, I’m back to finish out the season by talking about last night’s grand finale!

Wait, what? You’re telling me there’s still three more episodes to go? Well, you could have fooled me after what took place during this week’s plot-thread wrap-up  extravaganza.

While I pride myself for being right in some predictions, namely my instincts way back in the beginning of the season that Isaak and Viktor were more than just mafia buddies, I have to admit when I’m wrong in other regards.

Meeting men in bathrooms.

I thought I had this season all figured out. Hannah can’t be allowed to be with Dexter for any length of time because that’s how this show works. Therefore, the Isaak plotline would be resolved by him killing her, and then Dexter would kill him. Clean, simple, and predictable.

But even though that’s almost how it played out, that probably would have been too easy, and have had too many echoes of Rita. I liked how after Dexter’s bro-bonding conversation with Isaak at the gay bar last week, the two teamed up to save his skin, however unwillingly. I also liked the look into Dexter as a hitman, a job that really suits him.

It almost did turn out that my prediction was true, but Deb got to prove herself the good guy, by saving Hannah despite her hatred for her. I missed commenting on Deb’s horrifying admission of love for Dexter last week, and I’m glad that seems to be dying down. I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea for a plot development, but how was that going to go well? Either Dexter loves Deb too and it’s super awkward and uncomfortable, or Dexter gives her an appropriate “WTF mate?” and it’s also awkward and uncomfortable. Plus throw Hannah in the mix and things are even weirder.

“Oh god, why didn’t I just say ‘cockballs’ instead of ‘I’m in love with you’?”

I get that this season is all about Dexter learning to love, but I think this week went overboard driving that point home. As much as I liked Dexter and Isaak’s newfound friendship, by the end, the scene on the boat was a bit much. And I’ve never really felt the chemistry between Dexter and Hannah all season. I get that the show is telling me they’re in love, but I haven’t really seen it onscreen. Perhaps that will change, but I’m not so sure. I have to say I felt Dexter’s connection with Lumen a lot more, and she was a more well-rounded character overall. Hannah just seems…static here, however hot she may be.

But now, getting back to my earlier point about how this felt like the season finale, where the hell are we going from here now? Nine episodes in is a weird time to introduce an entirely new plot thread, but that’s exactly what they’re doing with this new flame-retardant arsonist.

I’m praying that the arson expert police guy isn’t actually the killer. That would be the lamest, most obvious twist ever, but judging by the size of that blast shadow, he’s a bit too small for the part. But still, where is this going? Why create a new serial killer this late in the game? I assume Dexter and Hannah will hunt him together or something, but still, it’s strange.

Who’s up for another spreeeeee?

Perhaps this will end up tying in with La Guerta’s Bay Harbor Butcher investigation which is beginning to move forward in ways I don’t quite understand. She’s deduced that other police officers also owned boats at the same marina? What exactly does that prove? I’m wondering, however, if the massive amount of blood on Dexter’s boat from Isaak’s death will somehow come back to bite him. Lewis’s blood didn’t, but this new batch might.

This seems like a very oddly structured season. It’s dealing with good issues, but it seems like it lacks a real flow to it. Perhaps I’m alone in thinking that, but my initial excitement for it has waned as time has gone on. It’s not making me scream obscenities like the idiotic Doomsday killings of last year, but it’s sort of losing my interest  near the end here.


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