The Ten Most Satisfying Moments From Showtime’s Weeds

Weeds is coming to an end. After eight seasons of Black thugs, Mexican drug lords, crazy sex-scenes and even crazier (and might I add, nail-biting) cliffhangers, The Botwins will cease to exist on Showtime (but not Netflix!).

Personally, I love the show. Before more than now, but still. I mean, Weeds gave us a fair amount of funny, emotional and WTF moments. Andy’s rants were hilarious every time. Nancy’s promiscuous behavior was shocking most of the time. And those insane cliffhangers were a staple of the show. But today I’m looking back at the ten most satisfying moments. Here they are.

Isabelle Gets Her Revenge


Living with Celia Hodes was a nightmare, but Isabelle learned to dance with the devil. Once upon a time, Celia maliciously switched Isabelle’s chocolate bars with laxatives, causing her to be called ‘shit girl’ by the kids at her school. But Isabelle got her sweet revenge by switching her mother’s laxatives with Antidiarrheals, causing her to bloat, bloat, bloat!

Andy Achieves Something


Andy Botwin is one funny character. His rants are beyond compare. But he’s also a guy who doesn’t accomplish much. So it was hard to find a satisfying moment that included him. But I found one! During the sixth season, Andy finds himself working as a poor dishwasher in a hotel kitchen. He tries to prove to the reluctant chef that he’s Ratatouille by giving him a taste of his delicious duck. The chef immediately hires Andy as his sue chef.

Shane’s Graduation Speech


Shane went through a lot of humiliation in middle school. That’s why it’s such a feel-good moment when he gets to give the speech at graduation.

Doug’s Victory Dance


Kevin Nealon was one of Weed’s greatest assets. Andy was funny, but Nealon’s Doug Wilson was the comedy. This awesome victory dance is just one of his many hilarious moments, which also happened to be quite satisfying.

Shane Intimidates The Popular Kid


Sick of being the geek at school, Shane decides to go right after the popular kid. Instead of befriending the jock, he hits him across the face with a dish tray. It’s an unfortunate moment for the kid, of course, but a glorious victory for Shane. No one messes with him after that.

Nancy Unleashes Her Wrath On Celia


This is nothing compared to what Celia really deserves, but it’s a good moment. Seeing Nancy hit Celia across the face with a gun, and knock her tooth out, was very gratifying. That woman put Nancy through hell for so long.

Nancy Burns Her House Down


The final scene of season three was probably one of the most emotional scenes of the entire series. It’s devastating to see Nancy burn her own house down in order to move on, but watching it now, you realize that needed to happen.

Shane Kills Pilar With A Mallet


This will probably go down as the best scene ever to happen on Weeds. The Botwins suffered a lot after Shane killed Pilar Suazo with a mallet. But the moment he hit her on the head with that thing was so much bigger than itself. It just couldn’t have come at a better time. It was perfect.

Celia Destroys Dumbname’s Office


This is my favorite scene. I love the way Celia walks into Sullivan’s office and just destroys everything with her bat. And he just sits there, taking it, like a little boy who knows what he did was wrong. And the best part is that Celia doesn’t even break a sweat.

Nancy Gets Caught


When Nancy gets caught at the end of the sixth season, there are a lot of emotions flying around. First of all, do you see Esteban’s face when they walk out of the airport and the police is there waiting for them? She outsmarted both Guillermo and him. That’s a good pay off for Nancy. But it’s also a bittersweet moment for her because she’s not getting out of this one and that’s satisfying for us.


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