Game of Thrones Review: “The Prince of Winterfell”

“Un-name me.”

Only two weeks left and the great War of Kings appears to be coming to a head. I’m not sure if Stannis will invade King’s Landing this week or next, but it’s clearly soon, and shit’s going to go down.

This week was the “reckoning of bad decisions,” as various characters had to live with the questionable choices they’ve made.

It’s no surprise that the Starks make up two of the bad decision makers, as Catelyn let Jamie go scott-free and Jon Snow learns he got most of his Night’s Watch troupe killed when they were out looking for him after he failed to execute his wilding girl.

I mean, could you?

Catelyn’s decision seems incredibly stupid at first, as why would simply setting Jaime free help her get her daughters back? It’s not like she brokered an official exchange with Littlefinger, where Sansa and Arya would be returned for the Kingslayer. Just sending him on his merry way with Brienne (her and Jaime’s banter was fantastic by the way) won’t get anything done.

Of course, had she NOT done this, the mob would have lynched him for his many, many crimes, and they’re left without bargaining power OR goodwill. Of course the Lannisters don’t have Arya, and Cersei seems to have grown attached to Sansa, but I suppose Catelyn doesn’t know that.

Jon Snow’s mistake was just him being a pansy, as we all know by now. I’m very curious to see more of Wildling society, and a guy wearing a bizarre skull mask (what kind of skull was that?) is certainly a good start. More interesting perhaps is the secret Night’s Watch bundle under the First Man stone. Why the hell is there a bunch of obsidian spearheads and a horn there? Seems random, but I’m sure there is more light that will be shed on that soon enough.

Seriously, what kind of skull is that.

Lastly, the third party facing a reckoning for their misjudgment is Theon, who miraculously is not dead yet, but had his sister show up and tell him how dead he’s about to be. I’m a little confused as to what the Greyjoys want however. Did they not want to take over Winterfell? I know they’re “Island people” but it does seem like a pretty big get for them.

I’m not sure if the fact that the two young Starks are alive was supposed to be the big “surprise” moment of the episode, but I imagine most of us guessed that was coming from practically the moment we saw the bodies. Not exactly one of Game of Thrones’ best slight of hands, but I suppose it gets the job done moving the plot forward.

But what was a good trick? Cersei getting Tyrion’s “whore” wrong and him playing along .What I am NOT clear about is if he set this up purposefully (by giving her the necklace) or if someone else did it for him (Varys?) I say this because I thought he did it on purpose, but then he seemed really distraught when he raced back to Shae. I still think she’ll end up dead, but who knows? Was the “fake” whore Roz? I couldn’t tell.

Loved this scene. The show shines in its quiet moments. Varys is a really underrated character.

Tyrion really seemed passionate about Shae at long last, and love spread all the way up north to Rob Stark as well. He and the medic (sorry, I still don’t know her name) finally gave into temptation and the result was probably the only non-gratuitous sex scene in Game of Thrones history as no one was being raped, or paid, or were related to each other. It was actual…passion. A true rarity in a show filled to the brim with sex.

I think my favorite small moment from the episode was Joffrey shit talking Stannis, claiming he was going to go all Joker on him and put a smile on his face. Is it just me, or does it seem a little out of place for Joffrey to be wanting to rush out into battle? Any time there’s been even a tiny bit of conflict (Arya and the Butcher’s boy, the town mob), he cowers in fear. Does he honestly think he’s going to rush out into combat to meet Stannis? I know he’s a cocky douche, but it’s a bit out of character.

I have no idea what’s going to happen with Daeneyrs and her dragons. I know all the book readers have said that currently her plot is diverging from the original storyline, but I’ve heard other say it’s because her time in Qarth in the books was rather boring. I like Daenerys, but I really do think her story is a bit too disconnected from everything else going on. That sentiment is best summed up by Tyrion not giving a shit that she’s still alive, and Varys saying that her dragons are going to need years before they’re dangerous. I hope it doesn’t actually take years for her to be relevant.

Jorah’s passion is really starting to come through.

I suppose you could say the same for Jon Snow and his White Walkers, but I at least find that plotline more interesting. I’m curious to see his evolving relationship with Yvette Ygritte, and to learn the mysteries of the Walkers, the First Men, the Wildings and all that. Qarth seems less intriguing right now.

Only two more to go. I’m getting sad already. Feel free to discuss, and remember, no book spoilers!


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