Dexter Review: “Sin of Omission”

This week’s Dexter was the polar opposite of last week’s where Dex took a sidetrack journey to remove himself and the episode far away from the main plotline of the season. I still maintain that his adventures with Jonah and Brian could have been a season arc easily, but someone thought it best to condense it into one soul searching episode.

So now this week things were ALL about the main story, and while that’s normally my favorite type of Dexter episode, when it’s focusing on my least favorite killers in the show’s history, I’m not quite as excited.

Why don’t I like the Doomsday killers? It’s a combination of factors, but least among them is their whole end times shtick. I could have appreciated that, and they certainly have a unique style to their killings, but this season has been a bit heavy handed in the religion department. Not where like, I’m offended by it, but just in terms of the fact that it seems like they just picked an arbitrary theme and ran with it in all aspects of the plot from Brother Sam to DDK to Dexter’s impromptu confessional this week. What’s next year, illegal immigration?

“That James guy from the Bible says like, you shouldn’t let people kill other people or something.”

No, the first major reason I don’t like them is because it’s not as much fun when you see all aspects of the killers from the beginning. The show never has the camera on the killers this much. We saw nothing of the Ice Truck killer until the end, and Jordan Chase’s gang was revealed slowly. Yes, we saw a bit more of Trinity, but that was only because Dexter befriended him. Showing them from the get-go was a strange storytelling switch that I don’t think worked.

The second reason is one we’ve been discussing for a long, long while now; the fact that there’s a 98% chance that the Professor is merely a figment of Travis’s imagination. He did exist as a real person, but the running theory is that Travis had a psychotic break and killed him, and assumed him as part of his personality. Now he suffers from Tyler Durden-esque blackouts and commits these horrible acts while the rest of him struggles to cope.

The evidence for this? The fact that the show painstakingly goes out of the way to never, ever show the Professor talking to anyone but Travis, nor even having anyone else SEE him. This week we finally had Dexter stumbling upon the church lair, and looking at a balcony a mere moment after the professor darted away. And then he thinks he escaped out the window? Way, way too convenient.

He’s either Batman, or imaginary.

The evidence against? Just the fact that this would be a much more straightforward story if he was simply a real person and everything was as it seems. It he isn’t really there, we have a lot of very strange questions about Travis knocking himself unconscious, chaining himself up, being able to do two different voices and oh I don’t know, murder his own sister in cold blood without the faintest idea he did it. It’s going to require a LOT of explanation if this truly is going to be the big reveal, and it’s going to seem rather clumsy.

I know we all suspect this is the case here, but talking to people watching outside the site, no one seems to have any idea that the Professor might not be real. Perhaps I’m so jaded on plot twists that this seems so obvious to me, but maybe the average Dexter viewer just isn’t as clever as all of us. I’d love to eat my words and have them do a DOUBLE twist where the Professor IS real, but I don’t see it happening, and really, that would be sort of boring as well.

The only real mystery to me at this point is what exactly this end times plan is, as unless it’s a nuke going off in Miami, I’m not exactly sure what the Professor thinks he can do to help end the world.

“Shitballs Dex, I made you steaks!”

Meanwhile, in subcharacter land, Deborah is finally catching on to Dexter being a complete ass to her after six years, and perhaps it will lead her closer to his secret at long last. We can only hope. Masuka, Quinn, Batista, New Intern and Babysitter are nothing but time fillers now, and did anyone really think that the guy with the dead hooker was anyone other than Daniels? Who the hell else would it be? We don’t even know any other high up characters in this show? I secretly hoped it was LaGuerta herself.

I thought this was going to be the moment that we were confronted with the reality of the Professor’s unreality, but the show weaseled out of that reveal again. How will they escape it next week? I guess we’ll have to find out.


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