8 TV Deaths That Made Me Miserable


This past week I watched a ridiculous amount of deaths via The Walking Dead. I waited for season three to be over to catch up; and now that it’s all behind me, I’m convinced that dying sucks. Obviously. We want to be forever young! Anyway, all the zombie killings and illogical massacring got me thinking about depressing TV deaths.

So, with this in mind, I decided to revisit 10 TV deaths that made me miserable. Take a look. Spoilers follow, starting with The Walking Dead season two below:

Dale Horvath, The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (Season 2)

Among the many, many, many deaths that have occurred on The Walking Dead, none felt as gut-wrenching as Dale’s. It was so incredibly stupid the way he died. Why couldn’t Carl just kill the walker instead of just letting him hang around? Dale deserved better than a runaway zombie. I’m still reeling over his incredibly dumb end.

Charles Brandon, The Tudors


I could see Charles’ death from a mile away. Both he and King Henry VIII weren’t looking so hot towards the end of The Tudors. But it’s always hard to say goodbye to someone as good-looking as Henry Cavill. Sigh. Jokes aside, Charles’ death (though peaceful) showed us that the king had very little friends. Charles was one of the few people who honestly loved him. He would’ve given his life for his king. He was a true friend, and the king turned his back on him for a while. Thankfully, the two reconciled in the end.

Buffy Summers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer


The (second) time Buffy died might’ve had such a strong effect on me solely because I was a pre-teen girl, watching one of my all-time favorite TV characters dying. The scene was very emotional, and seeing the reactions of all the other characters devastated me. (Remember Spike’s?) Thankfully, she was brought back from the dead.

Chris Miles, Skins


Skins is a heavy show. Every issue it tackles, whether it be drugs, eating disorders, teen sex or suicide, is taken to the extreme. That’s the charm of the show. During the first generation, Chris Miles is the light of the group. He’s always full of energy and radiates that to those around him. Sadly, he’s the first main character to be killed off. (After that, at least one main character is killed off of every generation.) His death, however, is the saddest of them all. Right before he bites the dust, it’s revealed that his girlfriend Jal is pregnant (though she later aborts). He dies in the arms of his beloved friend Cassie, breaking our hearts in the process.


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