Combining Ninja Turtles and Pokemon? Count me in for sure, and frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t seen this sooner.

I could totally see this being an actual kids cartoon for the younger set, as these guys are far more adorable than the original turtles. Is there a master Ratticate wearing a robe? Is Shredder a Team Rocket employee? I’d really like to learn more about this universe.

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  1. That show could work. Not exactly teenage though. lol. Its funny that in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles” its the teenage part that doesnt work for me.

  2. You’re surprised you haven’t seen it sooner? Really? A lot of the single pictures/videos/whatever on here are from ages ago. The original file of this picture I have saved is almost 3 years old. You never see stuff when it’s relevant, whether it be by days, weeks or years. How do you have a website?

  3. @Ballsy

    Really, I own a website so I must have seen every image that’s ever existed on the internet? I’m sick and tired of bullshit like this.

    You think you’re the most current, up to date cool cat on the ‘net? Go build your own damn site from scratch and come back when you get three million views a month.

  4. Good for you, Tassi. I spend hours and hours on the internet everyday along with my husband, neither one of us have ever seen this. As long as Pokemon and TMNT is still popular, it’s still relevant. And I’m glad you posted it because I think it’s cute.

    tons of people like Pokemon. Don’t read the Pokemon related posts if you aren’t a fan, just skip over it. Not really that hard to do.

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