Tarantino Reviews ‘There Will Be Blood’


Quentin Tarantino might be out of his mind, but the man sure does know film and film criticism. Here’s a particularly interesting video of him reviewing There Will Be Blood, which was directed by his good friend,  Paul Thomas Anderson.

Things he loves:

– Daniel Day Lewis (duh)

– The soundtrack

– The lack of movie “set pieces”

Things he hates:

– Paul Dano

Poor Paul Dano, he’s only been in like two movies, and he has to listen to himself getting torn apart by Quentin Tarantino? That’s heartbreaking. I actually thought Dano did a bangup job, seeing as in his last movie he only said three words in an hour and a half.

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  1. I thought Dano was pretty good in TWBB. WTF, Tarantino?

    Also, if I remember correctly, the actor who was originally supposed to play Eli Sunday was too intimidated of DDL…Dano was set to play Eli’s brother, but when the actor who was to play Eli couldn’t handle it, PTA gave Dano the role.

  2. Tarantino absolutely does not have to get over himself because he has made some very fine films. I will take issue with his assesment of the relationship between Paul Dano’s character and DDL’s character. I do not believe that Eli Sunday was ever a true foil to Daniel Plainview, merely an annoyance that Daniel trumped at every turn, even in the church scene when he is plainly disingenuous to his “saving.” “Yes I do!” got a laugh in the theater, and still gets a laugh from me. Dano was fine.

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