Taken Trailer Reminds Me that Liam Neeson is a Badass


Liam Neeson has a bad rap. Sure he’s the calm reassuring voice of everyone from Aslan to your dad in Fallout 3, but to those my age he’ll forever be Qui-Gon Jin. Or at the very best the sad old guy from Love, Actually. But thankfully, Taken is coming out soon, and I forgot about it until I saw the trailer at #5 over on JoBlo’s top 100 trailers of the year list. And while that ranking might be a bit of a stretch, it certainly is pretty damn good.

In addition to Neeson kick ass as an ex-SAS soldier (or ex-hitman, it’s not really clear), the film also stars Jean Grey and the annoying dead chick from Lost. Sorry, I mean Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace. Fortunately, by showing you this trailer super late, you only have to wait two weeks until it’s in theaters! Wasn’t that nice of me? 2423

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