Tardis Cubicle is a Little Bigger Inside

Perhaps it’s a psychological tactic to make your everyday office life more interesting by pretending you’re a time traveling space alien, but whatever the case, this TARDIS cubicle is all kinds of awesome.

Yeah, I’m cool now, I can throw around Doctor Who terms and actually know what they mean. I’m on the second episode of season TWO bitches, I’m like an expert. Yes, yes, I know I need to get to “Blink” as every commenter ever has informed me.

Proud owner of the cubicle in question is Deezoid.

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  1. Yeah, Blink was amazing. It just might live up to the hype.

    The Girl in the Fireplace was also a pretty good episode IMO.

    Feel free to skip Love and Monsters; that episode was so bad it actually made me stop watching the show for a while.

  2. Glad you finally got onboard with the Doctor. The finale for series two is seriously mind-blowing. Series 3 and 4 have some of the show’s best eps. Make sure to see “Midnight” from series 4!

  3. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry about the “Blink” hype. Same thing happened to me, and while it was an absolutely EXCEPTIONAL episode it can’t possibly be as good as everyone’s making you expect it to be. It’s a fairly pleasant let-down, but a let-down nonetheless. This is why I sometimes go into isolated fandom, so I can enjoy things on my own terms and without the influence of others.

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