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Before you yell at me about how old this is, just take a deep breath, hold it, keep holding, pass out, and don’t write that comment.

Yes, I realize this clip is internet famous before I even decided to post it here, but it’s just so awesome, that you can watch it a hundred times and it never diminishes in its incredible lameness. It literally could be one of the worst scenes to appear in any movie ever made, and that’s a high honor.

I was a two year old boy, not a thirteen year old girl when Teen Witch came out, so I never felt the need to see it, but from what I can tell, Ms. Witch hexes her friend to become as “good” a rapper as the white boy she has a crush on. Hilarity ensues.

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  1. There’s no shame in this movie at all….when I was younger we had one of those huge satellite dishes that took up the entire backyard and anyways, this movie played 24/7…and I was IN HEAVEN!

    For an extra treat, one of the other songs from this movie “The Most Popular Girl” is just as awesome, and there’s rap involved =)

  2. Literally one of my favorite movies of all times! I watched it constantly when I was little, and recently procured it on DVD as I only had it on VHS previously, and even now watch it over and over.

  3. Somethings I liked as a kid I still like and some things I liked as a kid I grew out of. I wonder why any woman would still like this from their childhood (at least based on this clip).

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