Super Smashed Bros. Looks Like Even More Fun

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This fantastic piece of artwork from a redditor, is a re-imagining of my favorite game of all time Super Smash Bros. There’s a lot of details crammed into here, and see if you can find them all. My favorites include:

– The bong-omb

– Mario’s poison mushroom bottle

– Passed out Samus about to be harassed

– Pikachu puking lightning. That’s got to hurt like a bitch.

There might be even more I’m missing, but all around, very well done. I actually I would love to see all the Nintendo characters get drunk and stoned in a game together, but somehow I feel that’s not quite “family friendly” enough for the company. Fascists!

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  1. The original cover art for Super Smash Bros was really awful. I diddnt buy it as a kid because it looked so bad from the cover. If they had gone with this im sure i would have bought it.

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