‘Still Alive’ 800% Slower is The Stuff of Angels


I’m trying to restrict myself to only one Portal post a day, but two weeks after its release, I can’t stop finding cool stuff pertaining to the game.

Today’s find is this video which has taken the first game’s signature tune “Still Alive” and pulled a Jurassic Park where they slow it down a ton and create an entirely new ethereal song from it.

It sounds like a choir of alien angels, and there’s some sort of effect through the duration of the track that when slowed sounds like an astronaut breathing inside a suit. Pretty cool stuff, and I could listen to this all day. You can pull out pieces of the song you recognize, and stay tuned all the way through the end for a tiny surprise you didn’t know was embedded in the song, and one that I believe inspired this entire effort.

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  1. im pretty sure the xylophone sounding theme at the end was the result of the slowdown, not added afterwards. i think that’s what the surprise is

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