Stephen King Hits It on the Head

It’s not  often I post quotes instead of pictures or videos, but in this case, I had to. Stephen King is a famous author for a reason; he can put into words what we’re all thinking but can’t quite articulate.

He’s said before how much love he has for JK Rowling and disdain for Stephanie Meyer, but this quote sums up his argument perfectly, and expresses a sentiment that most of us have, that Harry Potter and Twilight are in no way equivalent fantasy franchises, despite their respective mass popularity.

Unfortunately, one series is over, and the other still has two more horrendous movies on the horizon.

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  1. If you approach Twilight as a parody/stoner comedy – it’s quite hilarious.

    I work at a theater so I get in free (as hilarious as it is, would not pay cash money to see it), and laughing through the movie as twihards glare at you for ~ruining the moment~ is a guilty pleasure of mine… that I don’t feel too guilty about, actually.

  2. hey guys – i’ve been seeing this quote attributed to stephen king a lot but i honestly cannot find a source for it. i wanted to read the article / interview it had come from. what i did find was that i think this quote actually came from robin m browne ( – or at least, that’s who andrew futral credits the quote to ( – he’s also often credited with the quote online.

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