Starcraft II: The Musical


So no more 1v1 Starcraft matches, because I think that I’m the only one that appreciates them, so here’s something rather funny using the Starcraft II beta that everyone can appreciate. The official title is “Infested Flatley’s Hydra Lord of the Dance” and if you ever wanted to see Riverdancing Hydralisks, well, now’s your chance.

On a related note, if Broadway ever decided to come out with a Stacraft musical I would be there in a freaking heartbeat. I can already hear the epic ballad between Jim Raynor and Kerrigan, “Infestation Can’t Take Our Love Away.” Just think of all the rich costuming possibilities! It’d be like The Lion King on acid. Horrendous, boiling, mutating acid.

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  1. So no more 1v1 Starcraft matches? Say it ain’t so! Your collection of Korean Pro games a while back was excellent and made this jaded gamer a fan. Point being is that Starcraft 2 beta vids are starting up and I know I’m jones’n for great matches.

    Perhaps these SC2 beta matches might interest some of y’all.

    Epic 2v2 w/ commentary 1/3 (links on page to followups)

    Nice FFA game vs some noobs

    Both these players have lots of other HD vids w/ commentary. Check em out!

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