Starcraft 2 Goes Survival Horror


Alright, so I knew that if I waited a month or two, the really excellent Starcraft 2 mods would start to surface, and I was right. This one is called Project Vector, and features a Ghost traipsing around a Zerg infested Battlecruiser in a game that very much resembles Dead Space.

This is an early prototype of the mod, so it’s really just to demonstrate the environment and what you can do with the crazy map editor. All of this stuff is from in-game models, and this could very well be the future of video games, with players designing their own titles given the right set of advanced tools.

If you’re like me, you’re expecting a big finale where an Ultralisk bursts through the wall or something, but I will forewarn you that no Zerg actually show up in this demo so don’t get your hopes up. It’s just to demonstrate the type of game this WILL be when finished, and I’d say it’s off to a damn good start.

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