Star Wars Posters Reimagined

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UPDATE: Source, Olly Moss!

I’m not sure who crafted this simplistic, incredibly appealing poster series for the old (good) Star Wars trilogy, but someone find them so I can shake their hand. I know Mondo has been making artsy Star Wars posters lately, so maybe it’s them, but whatever the case, in a job where I see a million Star Wars references and pieces of art and tribute a day, this really stands out.

If this is available as a full poster set, I’d love to pick it up. The coolest part by far is how Cloud City is used as Fett’s visor. The trees wrapping themselves into Vader’s helmet is well done as well, and are those meant to be the twin suns as Threepio’s eyes there? Masterful.

Many, I really miss pre-Phantom Menace Star Wars. The old trilogy, games like Rebel Assault and Shadows of the Empire. Those were the days.

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